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FOT. Nacho enthusiast. Former Buffalo Beast editor. Loyal Buffalo Sabres fan. Prankster.


Favorite songs:
Artist Title Album Playlist
Options JFK Avernus La Bas 1987-1992 Jul 16 '13
Options Mothers of Gut No Vacations Buildings Jul 16 '13
Options Xopher Davidson & Zbigniew Karkowski Processor 4 / Processor 5 [excerpt] Processor Jul 12 '13
Options Cowards Forgotten Resonance Forgotten Resonance Apr 8 '13
Options Gnod Tron Chaudelande Apr 2 '13
Options Hand Fart Master The Sounds Of Silence Mar 27 '13
Options Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere Seen From Above Part 2 Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere Feb 2 '13
Options The Fall L.A. This Nation's Saving Grace Feb 1 '13
Options pink Floyd dogs animals Jan 31 '13
Options Ethernet Pleroma Opus 2 Jan 31 '13
Options Tuxedomoon No Tears Jan 30 '13
Options Wire I Am the Fly Jan 30 '13
Options Hafler Trio Hydrofan One dozen Economical Stories by Peter Greenaway Jan 25 '13
Options Merzbow Soundcheck for Doushisha University Performance Jan 25 '13
Options Scott Walker The Day the "Conducator" Died Jan 20 '13
Options Guided by Voices All of This Will Go Jan 20 '13
Options Steaming Coils Porpoise Song Never Creak Jan 19 '13
Options Lush Light from a Dead Star Split Jan 10 '13
Options This Mortal Coil Late Night Blood Jan 10 '13
Options Syd Barrett Dominoes Barrett Jan 10 '13
Options Kelsey Leigh Cork Terrapin Jan 10 '13
Options SYD BARRETT Love You The Madcap Laughs Jan 10 '13
Options Jesus & Mary Chain Vegetable Man Upside Down (Single) Jan 10 '13
Options Syd Barrett Swan Lee (Silas Lang) Opel Jan 10 '13
Options David Bowie & David Gilmour Arnold Layne Jan 10 '13
Options Pink Floyd Chapter 24 The Piper at the Gates of Dawn Jan 10 '13
Options Pink Floyd Scream Thy Last Scream Jan 10 '13
Options PJ Harvey Down by the Water Down by the Water single Jan 10 '13
Options Stacian Orbit Songs For Cadets Jan 14 '13
Options Units Digital Stimulation Digital Stimulation Jan 14 '13
Options Blues Control Tangier Live on WPRB Jan 14 '13
Options Cleaners From Venus At Home With Myself Blow Away Your Troubles Jan 14 '13
Options The Conet Project The Swedish Rhapsody The Conet Project: Recordings Of Shortwave Numbers Stations Jan 14 '13
Options Jarboe Not Logicial Sacrificial Cake Jan 17 '13
Options Nico Vegas Hanging Gardens Jan 17 '13
Options Monkees Daily Nightly Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, & Jones, Ltd Jan 17 '13
Options Pink Floyd Childhood's End Obscured By Clouds Jan 17 '13
Options Kevin Ayers & Nico Irreversible Neural Damage Confessions of Dr. Dream & Other Stories Jan 17 '13
Options The Velvet Underground & Nico Femme Fatale The Velvet Underground and Nico Jan 17 '13
Options Nico No One Is There Peel Sessions Jan 17 '13
Options Legendary Pink Dots Soft Toy The Whispering Wall Jan 17 '13
Options Unrest Imperial Imperial f.f.r.r. Jan 17 '13
Options Blues Control Glen Fandango A Full Tank Jan 17 '13
Options Matmos l. a. s. i. k. A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure Jan 18 '13
Options Chris Watson Massed Knot Roost Outside the Circle of Fire Jan 18 '13

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