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Favorite songs:
Artist Title Album Playlist
Options The Beatles For No One Revolver May 30 '13
Options Dangerous Girls Dangerous Girls Various: Spiky Dread Issue One Apr 16 '13
Options Malcom McLaren Deep in Vogue (Banjie Realness Mix) Voguing and the House Ballroom Scene of New York City 1976-1996 (V/A) Feb 14 '13
Options Horace Silver & the Jazz Messengers The Preacher Jazz Messengers: Heroes of Hard Bop (Irwin's 2013 marathon premium) Feb 13 '13
Options She Easy Money 12" Feb 13 '13
Options The Singers unlimited nature boy a capella II Feb 13 '13
Options Matmos Teen Paranormal Romance The Marriage of True Minds Feb 11 '13
Options Marvin Gaye & Bob Marley Healing In Vain PH Mashup Feb 11 '13
Options Ex Cops James True Hallucinations Feb 4 '13
Options Ducktails Timothy Shy The Flower Lane Feb 4 '13
Options Srch Party The '80s Live at WFMU Feb 1 '13
Options Ducktails Letter of Intent The Flower Lane Feb 1 '13
Options Yo La Tengo Ohm Fade Feb 1 '13
Options Pavement Home Perfect Sound Forever Feb 1 '13
Options Club 8 The Next Step You'll Take Strangely Beautiful Jan 30 '13
Options Funkineven Chips 12" Jan 30 '13
Options Etta James Let's burn down the cornfield come a little closer Jan 30 '13
Options Prince cold coffee & cocaine unreleased Jan 30 '13
Options Sinkane Runnin 12" Jan 30 '13
Options Yo La Tengo Two Trains Fade Jan 28 '13
Options Lee Feldman "Me and My Sarah Remaining" I've Forgotten Everything Jan 28 '13
Options Broke For Free Budding Gold Can Stay Jan 28 '13
Options Yo La Tengo Cornelia and Jane Fade Jan 17 '13
Options Michael Jackson Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough Off The Wall Jan 17 '13
Options The Roots It Just Don't Stop Illadelph Halflife Jan 17 '13

Favorite programs:

Favorite episodes:
Title Date
Options Hello Children Mar 14 '13
Options The Long Rally Feb 1 '13
Options Duane Dec 5 '12


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